How to reach your level

  Assessment Objective 1
Looking at and responding to the work of other artists.
Assessment Objective 2
Experimenting with different materials and techniques.
Assessment Objective 3 Exploring and developing ideas Assessment Objective 4 Making/Evaluating

Level 4

You have researched the work of other artists and craftspeople, using appropriate vocabulary. You understand how and why they created their art, and what influenced their style. You have given a brief personal opinion. You have used different practical skills and show that you understand how materials can be used to achieve the effect you wanted. You explore and record your ideas. You collect visual and other information to help you develop your work. You make some basic comments. You comment on your own progress and show how you can adapt and improve your work to achieve the result you wanted. You can say how your work is both similar and different to the work of other artists.

Level 5

You have investigated the work of artists and craftspeople using different sources to gather detailed information. You used a good range of art vocabulary. You understand how artists developed their ideas, using different skills and media. You can express your opinions about the work. You have explored a wide range of practical skills and clearly understand how to control and manipulate the different materials. You purposely match these to the effect you want to achieve. You explore and record your ideas by selecting suitable visual and other information. You use this to develop your work for a purpose. You begin to write about your ideas and observations. You can comment on the ideas, methods and approaches you used and how these relate to the work of other artists. You can adapt and refine your ideas to reflect a personal view. You can explain the meaning of your final outcome.

Level 6

You have investigated the work of artists and craftspeople using various sources to gather relevant detailed information. You use a wide range of specialist vocabulary. Your research shows a clear understanding of how and why the artists have worked in a particular style and how their work relates to the time and place in which it was made. You give reasons for your opinions and relate them to the work you discuss. You have used your knowledge of skills and processes to effectively manipulate the qualities of different materials and to communicate your ideas. You have analysed outcomes and made informed decisions about the most appropriate solutions. You explore and record your ideas in some detail. You select and assess suitable visual and other information using it imaginatively to develop, design and make work for a purpose. You can write in a clear way about your ideas and observations. You can analyse and comment on the way ideas and meaning is expressed in your work and the work of other artists. You can explain how this understanding of context has had an impact on your views and the way you work.

Level 7

You have investigated the work of other artists and craftspeople accurately interpreting relevant information from a range of sources. You have discussed their methods of expressing ideas to convey meaning. You used an extensive range of specialist vocabulary. You made detailed observations and expressed your own views and preferences. You explained how your understanding of others work has affected your own ideas and results. You have demonstrated a confident understanding and use of materials and processes and have applied these thoughtfully to achieve an outcome. You confidently analyse and comment on your own work. You make a selection of the most suitable visual resources and other information for a purpose. You organise and represent information in visually imaginative ways. You learn and develop ideas by taking creative risks. You can analyse and comment on the way other artists work according to genre, style, and tradition. You can explain how your own ideas, experiences and values have affected the way you work and your outcomes.