The Department

Welcome to Art and Design.

Our department aims to contribute to the full development of student intelligence through Art and Design.  Art plays an important part in creative and mental growth and the development of perception, judgement and imagination.  Art is not just about learning technical skills, developing visual literacy and creating attractive images; art also helps us to make sense of the world. Throughout our lives we continue to have emotions, ideas and experiences and an Art education enables us to translate these into visual forms.  Furthermore the process of researching and developing a theme requires an independence of thought and a maturity of approach which is found in few other areas of the curriculum.

We aim to promote an awareness of historical and cultural influences within art, and link these to other areas of the curriculum.  This broad knowledge of the development of art through different historical periods, together with a visual exploration of cultural influences,  helps to develop an understanding of cultural diversity within our multicultured society.

The Staff

Mrs J Mackervoy – Head of Art (Art, Ceramics and Photography)
Miss C McHaffie – Teacher (Art, Ceramics and Photography)
Mr C Trueman – Teacher (Art and Ceramics)
Miss B Wilkerson – Teacher (Art and Photography)
Miss M Hadley – Technician